A Brow-volution

Photo by Jennifer Mandelbaum

Photo by Jennifer Mandelbaum

To explain my so-called "brow-volution" we have to go to the start of it all- the gym.

The gym has always been a safe space for me. When I started wearing a wig during the Summer of 2012, I made the decision to never workout with my wig on. Exercise was my time to just be me.  

The first few months of entering the gym sans wig and sans any hair were somewhat terrifying, but I continued to test my limits and eventually the fear went away. 

The one insecurity that kept plaguing me were my eyebrows- or lack thereof. I was constantly questioning, had my makeup rubbed off? What about my sweat? What about wiping my face? WHAT IF I WIPE A BROW OFF? WHERES THE MIRROR!!

Not an ideal train of thought when running on the treadmill/mid-way through a weighted squat. Lemme tell ya.

Given my worry re missing brows, I have tried countless (probably a minimum of 20- yes 20) products that combat the sweat and FOWO (fear of wiping off). 

In the brow department I have narrowed my favorites down to two pencils:

The Hourglass Arch Brow Pencil, In Soft Brunette and Sephora Waterproof Brow Pencil, in Dark Brunette. These two pencils are both subtle enough to give your penciled brows a natural look, but are still water-resistant and will stay put after a good sweat (or even swim!).

With the help of these two brow pencils, I felt I actually could have it all (WE CAN HAVE IT ALL LADIES). I am able to both bare my bald while maintaining the essence of my beloved brows, and in turn feel my most confident me. 

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