Photo by Sam Fleischman

Photo by Sam Fleischman

I am Samantha Berlin, and I am bald due to Alopecia Universalis.

I was diagnosed at age 5 with Alopecia Areata, and then at the age of 18 I began the two-year process of losing all head and body hair. At 20 years old, I felt stripped of my womanhood. I was a blank slate- and I decided to take the opportunity to re-define my sense of beauty and identity as a woman.

My journey toward self re-discovery began in Sephora. I chose to play up my facial features as a way to both explore creativity and feel beautiful, and I quickly learned the power of a killer brow arch and winged liner. 

Makeup is in every way a choice I made, and you do not need makeup to be beautiful. In fact- the more I experimented with makeup the more comfortable I felt completely barefaced. In taking pride in my makeup routine I learned to take pride in myself and embrace the bald version of me.

Through the past four years of entering the world as a bald woman I have discovered some amazing makeup products and techniques- and that's where Bald is the New Black comes in. For all the women out there who also want to experiment with makeup but don't know where to start,  I hope that my stories and product recommendations can offer you solace and help guide you toward your own place of self-love.

xo, Sammie